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Mistletoe Studs by Amber Skyze

Title: Mistletoe Studs
Author: Amber Skyze
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN: 978 – 1 – 60168 – 172 – 0
Genre: BDSM. Ménage, contemporary, romance, Holiday
Length: 62 pages
Rating:  4  Diamonds  
Heat Level: erotic
Other:  anal/oral play, sex games, BDSM, ménage
Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 3/17/11

Not willing to spend the holidays with her best friend Lisa and a pity fix up date, Meg is spending Christmas alone.


Meg thinks that working in the library on Christmas is going to be a quiet and uneventful night. Much to her surprise,  it becomes the total opposite and may even end up being the best night of her life. When their car breaks down, Brad and Shane come to the library for help and there they find an angel. Will these three share much more than just a few days of happiness?
Right from the start I enjoyed Meg and her strong personality. She may be alone, but she will not settle for just any man, but Brad may just be that man. Brad and Shane are both wonderful men and they are great Doms, willing to teach Meg what she wants to know. I loved watching Brad and Meg fall for each other. The love and trust that develops between them is a wonderful read. As the men introduce Meg to their toys and lifestyle a beautiful bond begins to form between them and no matter how hot the sex gets the love shows through.
This is an author that has quickly become an automatic read for me. I am never disappointed in her books and this story is another one to add to the wonderful pile of good reads from Amber Skyze.

I'll Be Home for Christmas by Missy Lyons

Title:   I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Author:  Missy Lyons
Publisher:   Hot Tropica Books
Publication Date:   2008 and 2010
Genre:   Erotic Romance
Length:   12 pages
Rating : 2 Diamonds
Heat Level:  Sensual
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:   November 18, 2010

Alex is a military man who has been away from home for six months serving active duty in Iraq. Julie is waiting patiently for her husband to come home and gets a surprise when he calls up and says he will be home for Christmas.

Nothing makes me crazier then reading a short story that doesn’t give credit to the story it has. This book is one of those, I feel I was given snippets of chapters but never the full story. This is a love story about a deployed military man who gets to come home for Christmas. We go from the welcome home kiss to the next morning in no time flat. Leaving me feeling both deprived of a wonderful love story and gypped. If this author wanted to write a short she needed to write something else. This story screams for more then 12 pages…

A Fireman For Christmas by Piper Denna

Title:  A Fireman for Christmas
Author:  Piper Denna
Publisher:  Cobblestone Press
Publication Date:  2009
ISBN:   978-1-60088-501-3
Genre:  Erotic Romance
Length:  35 pages
Rating:   4.5 Diamonds
Heat Level:  Spicy
Reviewer:  Suki
Date:  November 18, 2010

One more Christmas lusting after her older brother’s best friend? Timi might lose her mind. Fed up with family holidays, she rents a cabin for one, planning a Christmas escape her drawings. But after numerous sketches turn out to be her rendition of Clay in the Hottest Firemen Calendar poster, she realizes location is just a technicality.

Fireman Clay can’t imagine spending Christmas without Timi around to ogle. Hearing she’s holed up in a lovers’ retreat, he can’t resist seeking her out. This year, he’s determined to start a fire and claim the gift he’s always wanted.  

What a fun and enjoyable read. Timi our Hero is just trying to get away from her well meaning, suffocating family and Clay just wanted to be with Timi, only she doesn’t know it and her brother is his best friend Opps. Lucky for us Mother Nature helps them out and brings us a wonderful short story. Ms. Denna succeeds in writing a short story and still giving it the credit it is due. I didn’t feel like the story was stilted and or that it was rushed I felt it was given its due.  Of course I wanted more of their story, but that goes for any good book, 35 or 1000 pages. A definite must read for the Christmas season on a cold day. (Warning some flashbacks to a previous suicide attempt may be found upsetting to some.)

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