My Guardian Angel by K.R. Bailey

Title: My Guardian Angel
Author: K.R. Bailey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: 2008
Genre: Contemporary (Christmas)
Length: 59 pages
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Rating: 3.75 Candy Canes
Heat Level: Sweet
Reviewer: Nicolet Griffith
Date: 12/06/09

38 years is a long time to get settled in a good marriage. Henry and Emma have had this with a house, 3 grown kids and a working farm in a small town in Utah. Henry took care of the farm and Emma ran the house with kids. Everything was good until one day Emma finds herself a widow. Now Emma has to figure out how to live without her partner and move on in life. She has to learn how to do things that Henry always took care of. How do you move forward in life and learn new things when your heart is broken? Joe Bailey, is also a widower of 3 years with grown kids. Joe is good looking for his age and talk around the town is somewhat of a ladies man. He has recently started seeing the socialite Dorothea Wellington, but he feels something is missing in their relationship. Time is moving on since Henry has died. It has been 6 months and Emma is still missing Henry every waking hour. There is the corn harvest to bring in, which Henry always took care of. When Joe decides to help out a group of neighbors bring in Emma's harvest, he is drawn to the quiet heart broken widow. He sees her try to deal with the loneliness, depression and learning new things. He wants to be there for her and help her move forward, but will she let him into her broken heart?

This was a good read and I had no problems with the editing. I found reading how Emma and Joe tried to deal with moving forward after a partners death to be very moving. I was finding myself getting a little frustrated with how much depression Emma was going through. Instead I could have used a couple more examples of new things Emma needed to learn how to deal with now that Henry was gone. Both characters were real enough for me to want to care for what happened next in the story. I did feel that there was not enough on Joe. I could have used a little more about his life and family back ground.
It was interesting to read a story about a widow and widower with grown children. That was a nice change of pace from a lot of other stories out on the market. Also the quite innocent flirting, almost being a teenager again, was sweet as well. The story could have been a little longer for me. It felt as though it was cut too short. Even though this happened, the story still moved me, I just could have used a little more. I would recommend this for someone who is tired of the teen and twenty-something stories.

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