Peerless by Vivian Arend & Celia Kyle

Title:  Peerless
Author:  Vivian Arend and Celia Kyle
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books
Publication Date:  2010
ISBN:  978-1-59578-682-1
Genre:  Paranormal/Fae
Length:  Short Novella
Author Website:
Author Email:
Rating: 4 Diamonds
Heat Level: Sensual fun
Other: Oral, slight bondage
Reviewer:  S. K. Fero
Date: 9-23-10

Sometimes what we dream of isn’t what we really want, especially when it comes to true love.
Jessica and Thalia, twins, are happy just being royal princesses of the Fae kingdom. But their parents suddenly resign. Now the sisters make a pact that the first one to find true love will be exempt from having to take over as Queen, since neither one wants the role. Jessica is determined not to be forced to deal with all the daily drudgery of ruling a kingdom. What she wants are the finer things in life, and to get them she decides she must marry a Peer of the Realm.

Trevor Warren, referred to teasingly by his football mates as His Lordship, has dreams of being the premier footballer in the U.K. someday. He plays hard on and off the field. Then his life changes when he meets a sassy, sexy woman who has no idea who he is in the sports world. He’s definitely not a Peer of the Realm, but…

This was a short, fun and sexy story about two unlikely lovers. So opposite, and yet not.

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