Vegetarian at Midnight by Sandra Sookoo

Title: Vegetarian at Midnight (sequel to The Art of Fang Shui)
Author: Sandra Sookoo
Publisher: Eirelander Publishing

Publication Date: August 6, 2010

Genre: paranormal romance
Length: 201 pages
Author Email:
Rating: 4.5 Diamonds
Heat Level: spicy/sensual

Other: oral play

Reviewer: Gabrielle
Date: 9/19/10
Sophia wants nothing more than to hide in the shadows and work off the time that she is bound to the portal master. That is until the Xavier bounds into her life. She cannot ignore the feelings that he stirs in her but she must, Sophia’s life is already full of distractions and she cannot afford one like Xavier. 

Xavier will not be denied he must find a way to break his curse and Sophia is the one who can help. When Sophia finally agrees to help the two develop a tentative relationship. Which brings even more mayhem into Sophia’s life. Can they find the necessary tools to break Xavier’s curse and keep themselves hidden from the portal master or will Sophia loose not only her heart but her life as well?
This was a wonderful story full of emotion and depth. Xavier not only endears himself to Sophia but to the readers as well. He is a man of his word who wears his heart on his sleeve. Sophia is a strong woman even if she refuses to see it herself. She loves with all her heart and will do all that she can to protect those she cares for. The two play off of each other very well and make a great couple. The continuous bantering between the two is a great read. I loved seeing Sophia bloom under Xavier’s love and devotion.
Sandra Sookoo does a great job of immersing the reader into the magical world of this story. You find yourself entertained all the way to the end. Even laughing out loud at times. I just loved the part with Sophia and Xavier going to marriage counseling, those scenes are a hoot. As much as the main characters endear themselves to the reader all the secondary characters catch your eye as well. This is a well-written and fast paced book that should not be missed. I know that I’m already eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series.
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